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After you're funded, you continue to conduct your research, and we automate the process of updating your supporters.
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Your assigned coach can help with public speaking and interviewing techniques.

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Success on our platform isn’t defined by simply reaching the funding goal. To us, success is the science actually working.

This means were focused on funding high impact science that may otherwise not get done

Healthfundit is especially tailored to Principal Investigators and Young Investigators that have scored well, but below the NIH paylines. Any applicants scoring in the top 30%, but is not NIH-funded is highly encouraged to submit for special consideration and additional resources from Healthfundit. No additionl work is necessary. Just submit your summary statement.

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There are no up-front fees to get started. We'll work closely with your institution to get you funded. If a project is funded on the platform, Healthfundit collects a 5% fee.

Payments on Healthfundit are processed by our partner, Stripe. This fee is 3%.

Researchers never give up any ownership or control of their work to Healthfundit or backers.

Fees: 10% (platform fees) + 3% (payment processing fees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthfundit is especially tailored for both principal investigators and young investigators at established research institutions or biotechnology companies.
Scientists that applied for grants and have scored in the top 30%, but fell below the NIH paylines are highly encouraged to submit for special consideration and additional resources. No extra work is necessary. Just submit your summary statement.

Anyone with an internet connection and scientific interest can support research on Healthfundit.

The Healthfundit community is passionate about doing their part to accelerate medical research. Researchers can share results, conference presentations, and scientific publications when ready.
Ultimately adding to the body of science and making initial steps towards what can be a new treatment, therapeutic, medical device, or diagnositic for patients is the our communities driving motivator.

There is no requirement for when you post a result, only that you do share your research findings and outcomes with your backers in an engaging way. This can be data, abstracts, preprints, presentations, or more.

It only takes 60 seconds. Just copy and paste your technical abstract or lay summary, and we'll do all the work to turn it into a compelling video and find the audience your research resonates with. This enables you to focus on conducting research instead of learning to grow social media followings or and try new things to drive awareness for campaign.

Because all projects undergo a dual review process and are optimized for success, you will most likely reach your goal. In the case that the goal is not met, you will still receive funds as the project and effort still hold merit.

No intellectual property or information you're not comfortable with needs to be disclosed. Healthfundit nor it's users that support your research claim ownership.

We'll work closely with your organization to process funds if you're at an institution. Funds are usually processesed as a gift, with no indirect costs applied.

Our mission is to help fund better health. We launch in Fall 2017. Learn more about us.