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how it works

What happens when highly-scored applications to the NIH go unfunded?


NIH Peer-review

Unfunded NIH grant applications that score in the top 30th percentile are received.


Public Votes

The community upvotes, comments on, and shares the research summaries they want to happen.


Projects selected

Researchers with proposals that received high interest from the community are invited to crowdfund.


Campaigns Launch

Researchers are given help and assistance to launch and get their science funded.

1. Researcher submits proposal to NIH

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is run by the U.S. government and receives over 51,000 health research proposals every year. Expert scientists in each field travel to DC to anonymously “peer-review” and score applications based on merit.

Meanwhile … hundreds of thousands of patients who would benefit from the proposal hold out hope for its acceptance.


2. NIH passes on the proposal


The NIH can only support about 17% (~ 9,000) due to decreased funding. America’s health medical research funding has been decreasing since 2003, making it difficult for even the highest quality research to gain funding.

The patients who would’ve benefited from the proposal are devastated.

3. HealthFundIt gives the proposal a second chance

Healthfundit receives researcher’s proposals that have been peer-reviewed and scored well in the top 30th percentile (and top 50th percentile for rare diseases). Healthfundit uses the score and machine learning to select top research proposals that have been peer-reviewed by credible scientists and gives them another opportunity to gain funding. This is where you come in.

The patients who would benefit from the proposal have hope again!


4. The proposal is posted on Healthfundit

People like you share, discuss and vote for the research proposal to receive crowd funding

.The patients who would benefit from the proposal share the Healthfundit link with everyone they know to get the most votes.

Your vote matters! Only the proposals with high engagement get to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

5. The proposal is selected to be crowdfunded!


90% of donations fund science.

Healthfundit immediately gets to work creating a promotional video and pitching the proposal to a wide audience while people like you pledge donations on the website. Our “Keep What You Raise” model ensures the scientist gets to use all of the money raised toward his or her research.

The patients who would benefit from the proposal are ecstatic to see people care about finding a treatment or cure for their disease. They eagerly share the Healthfundit crowdfunding link with everyone they know.

6. Lives are changed

When health research gets funded, treatments and cures for diseases are found. And hundreds of thousands of lives are changed forever.In the field of science, funding research is how progress is made. As Americans, we have the power to create those advancements. We get to be a part of them. What will you do with that power?

Patient Storyline] The people who stand to benefit from the research finally receive updates and the news they’ve been waiting for: progress is being made to better understand and ultimately treat or cure a disease.


All backers receive email updates on the impact their donation is making.

Science is a process, and the output is often more knowledge. However, on a long time-horizon it leads to medical breakthroughs. (Learn more about What happened to science ?)

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